Speech and Language Pathologist [closed]

Vitals Global Healthcare is seeking to recruit Speech and Language Pathologists to join the VGH Karin Grech Hospital and VGH St Luke’s Hospital.

The selected candidates would form part of a team of professionals to improve the effectiveness of service delivery whilst managing a caseload and taking into account priority cases, waiting lists, successful outcomes, referral and discharge of service users.

Duties & Responsibilities will include:

  • Identify any speech, language, and/or communication difficulties or disorders
  • Identify swallowing disorders and provide recommendations according to client’s needs for safe swallowing
  • Assess the cause and nature of the problem, for example, acquired disorders after a stroke or injury
  • Devise and deliver a suitable treatment programme, working on a one-to-one basis or in groups, to enable each of the clients to improve as much as possible
  • Review and revise the therapy programme as appropriate
  • Advise carers on implementing a treatment programme and train other professionals/relatives in therapy delivery

The successful candidates should be in possession of Recognised Degree in Communication Therapy/Clinical Speech and Language Studies at MQRIC level 6 or equivalent and registered with the Council for the Professions Complimentary to Medicine.

Interested candidates are required to submit their application by Wednesday, 22nd of February.