Staff Grade Doctors [closed]

We are seeking to recruit Staff Grade and/or Junior Staff Garde Doctors to join the VGH Hospitals at Gozo General Hospital.  The appointment to a Staff Grade will require previous employment at a satisfactory level as a Junior Staff Grade for a minimum of two years.

The successful candidates would form part of a team of experienced Doctors rotating through all hospital specialties. This would be an ideal opportunity to consolidate their general clinical experience on a higher level prior to committing to specialty training.

The Staff Grade Doctors would primarily be accountable to the Consultants / Senior Specialists within the traditional firm hierarchy and would contribute in the supervision of Foundation Doctors. The selected candidates will be expected to participate in the established on-call rotas which would include Emergency Department cover.

This job is being offered on a renewable one (1) year definite contract basis. Training opportunities may be provided to the successful candidates as part of their development programme.


Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Fully Warranted Medical Doctors with a licence to practice in Malta from the Medical Council of Malta or eligibility thereof;
  • A minimum of two years’ full-time employment as a Junior/Foundation Doctor.


Interested applicants are required to provide all information and documentation necessary for proper evaluation of the application. Applications shall contain the following information:

  • An updated CV including the applicants contact details. The CV should include a list of hospitals and posts held since registration and dates of employment at the hospitals worked at over the previous 10 years or since registration if registered for less than 10 years;
  • Photo identity documents issued by the applicant’s country of origin or country of residence (valid ID card, Passport, drivers’ license);
  • Eligibility for employment in Malta by virtue of being a citizen of Malta or of an EU member state or by virtue of being granted Long Term Resident Status. Applications from individuals without this eligibility may be considered for posts if no suitable applicants with the necessary eligibility have applied and their eventual employment would depend on the acquisition of a valid work permit;
  • List of qualifications supported by copies of relevant certificates ;
  • Names and contact details of 3 referees from the previous 5 years of employment/training. These referees should be able to validate the applicant’s proficiency in the following areas of competency: Patient care, Medical/clinical knowledge, Practice based learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and communication skills, Professionalism and System based practice;
  • Certification of a valid licence to practice in Malta from the Medical Council of Malta or evidence of eligibility to do so;
  • Certification of Good Standing with the Medical Council of Malta or of the specialist accreditation body the applicant is currently working under within three months of application.


Interested candidates shall be proficient in the English language provided that due recognition will be given to candidates who also have the ability to communicate in the Maltese Language.


Applications are to be sent with the above mentioned documentation together with a covering letter by the 16th July 2017.