Integrated Care To Tackle Diabetes – Dr Renzo DeGabriele

Diabetes Mellitus, or diabetes as is more commonly known, is a chronic lifelong condition that affects the levels of glucose in the blood. The deficiency in the production of insulin by the pancreas or insulin ineffectiveness results in increased concentration of glucose in the bloodstream. The prolonged high levels of glucose result in damage to […]

Investing in family medicine, and integrated care

Vitals Global Healthcare is proud to be teaming up with the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice/Family Medicine (EURACT), in bringing to Malta an international Level 3 Expert Training Course for general practice (GP) Trainers.  This course will be held over two parts, with the first part to be hosted in Malta this weekend […]

Specialised Training on the Holoma Erigo Pro Equipment

Physiotherapists from both VGH Karin Grech Hospital  and VGH St. Luke’s Hospital, have recently undergone specialised training for the Hocoma Erigo Pro. This innovative and advanced piece of equipment has the capabilities of tilting the patient into a vertical position whilst combining passive/active-assisted mobilisation of both lower limbs  by means of a integrated continuous passive […]

VGH participates in the MITA Student Placement Programme 2017

During the Summer season MITA launched the Student Placement Programme where 329 ICT students were given the opportunity to work with Government entities and the private sector. The aim of this programme was to give these students an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in an ICT environment. Vitals Global Healthcare was amongst the 95 […]

Vitals Global Healthcare invests EUR 400,000 in New Imaging Equipment for VGH Gozo General Hospital

Vitals Global Healthcare has invested EUR 400,000 in a new endoscopic imaging suite to visualize the Gastro Intestinal tract and the Urinary System at VGH Gozo General Hospital. The equipment, includes Gastroscopes, Colonoscopes, Nephroscopes, Ureteroscopes and Cystoscopes. The latest imaging technologies are embodied in these instruments and the image processing controllers that form part of […]

Vitals Global Healthcare announces improvements in service at the Orthotics and Prosthetics Unit at VGH Karin Grech Hospital

Several changes are to come into place as of next week resulting from Vitals Global Healthcare’s partnership with Medical Center O&P, the contracting provider for Walter Reed Military Hospital in the USA. Medical Center O&P is a leading prosthetics company serving amputees who seek to maximize their potential and minimize the complications associated with wearing […]

National Florence Nightingale Nursing Award Launched

Vitals Global Healthcare, together with the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses and the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer have launched a new national award, to honor nurses who lead the way in the spirit of compassion, nurturing, knowledge through evidence based practices and research, and commitment to quality and safety. The award was launched […]

The need of a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit

Stroke is one of the main causes of adult disability, with an estimated 700 people suffering from a stroke in Malta every year. Stroke, or a brain attack as it is sometimes referred to, involves vascular or blood vessel damage in a particular area of the brain, leading to brain cell damage. This occurs when […]