During the Summer season MITA launched the Student Placement Programme where 329 ICT students were given the opportunity to work with Government entities and the private sector. The aim of this programme was to give these students an opportunity to have a hands-on experience in an ICT environment. Vitals Global Healthcare was amongst the 95 participants of this programme and took in 2 summer interns who quickly became an integral part of the VGH ICT team.

Jeremy Cutajar and Nicola Spiteri, both students currently reading for a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering shared their experience of working with us as they now look forward to the year ahead.


“Working within the IT department of companies is usually similar since most companies face the same day-to-day problems. Since VGH is relatively young, these problems are exacerbated and things that you didn’t have to think about at other companies often have to be taken into account. This made my decision to join for the summer easy to make. Unfortunately, in my course not much has been dedicated to networking, in fact most of the knowledge I’ve acquired was through learning by myself. What my academic background helped with was learning what questions to ask and how to research. Dipping my feet in the networking field has sparked an interest in networking which I wish to pursue further in the coming years. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at VGH, learned a lot in a laid-back environment. Would love to return in the coming years. My future plans are graduating, then hopefully get a Master’s degree in a networking-related field and go from there.”

Jeremy Cutajar


“Usually when working in the IT department you only get to work on one aspect of IT, however, with this summer internship I have got to work with different aspects of it since I had the opportunity to visit different campuses and work there, and they all have different projects and problems that you encounter. The course material has a very different perspective to what I applied in this work experience, because during lectures we only skimmed through the basics and this work experience has helped me to enhance my skills and knowledge in IT. Being my first job in IT, working with VGH was a truly interesting and unique experience! My colleagues were supportive in every way for which I am grateful for. The tasks and projects I have got to work on, although challenging, were handed to me in such a way that made me enthusiastic to fulfil them. This working experience has helped me to visualise and practice what I have learned in my studies. To be fair, in my course we just studied the tip of the iceberg, but through this working experience I got to research and broaden my knowledge in the IT world. Moreover, it has helped me to envision the work that goes behind the scenes, like testing and researching different programs and equipment, to see which is the best product that meets all the customers’ criteria. With regards my future plans, I would like to complete my studies and hopefully commit to more challenging tasks with a better understanding and a more efficient approach.”

Nicola Spiteri


Vitals Global Healthcare would like to thank Jeremy and Nicola for their outstanding work which they have done throughout the Summer season and wish them the best of luck in their academic journey.